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Senin, 29 Oktober 2012

Farmville 2 ( hajar cara caranya )



How to Get Free ChainSaw using cheat engine on FarmVille 2

  1. Open FarmVille 2 & Cheat Engine
  2. Buy "stone gate" (rock arch) then put on your farm
  3. Scan with Cheat Engine "e_deco_arch_rock" and change "e_viral_chainsaw"
  4. And enter the "stone gate" (rock arch) into iventory.
  5. Wait a few moments, then reload your FarmVille 2
  6. Open your FarmVille 2 then check inventory

Get Building Materials and Quest Items using Cheat Engine

Note: In this example we are trying to get the "Pumpkin Bag"
  1. Open Cheat Engine
  2. Buy Shrub Round in Decoration
  3. In Cheat Engine Change Value Type : Text/String
  4. Scan "e_deco_shrub_round" change with "e_viral_pumpkinbag"
  5. Move all the shrub round to inventory .. wait for a minute then refresh
  6. Viola you've got it.
Example for for halloween candy
  1. Open FarmVille 2
  2. Plant strawberry 
  3. Open Cheat Engine 6.
  4. And search : e_rare_crop_strawberry Change to : e_rare_halloween_candy
  5. go to Game ..make speed grow strawberry ready to harvest...
  6. You got halloween candy if u harvest strawberry.

Other FarmVille 2 Codes for Materials and Quest Items

*and some hints
  • e_resource_bottle_pack_10
  • e_resource_water_can_pack_30
  • e_resource_instagrow_pack_25
  • e_resource_feed_bag_pack_25
  • e_deco_bbq_chair_adirondack
  • e_resource_energy_pack_1
  • e_resource_energy_pack_2
  • e_resource_energy_pack_10
  • e_resource_energy_pack_15
  • e_building_watertrough_3
  • e_resource_sugar_pack_10
  • e_resource_sugar_pack_5
  • e_resource_salt_pack_10
  • e_resource_salt_pack_5
  • e_resource_salt_pack_10
  • e_resource_sugar_pack_10
  • e_deco_halloween_scarecrow_vampire
  • e_resource_fertilizer_bag_pack_10
  • e_resource_fertilizer_bag_pack_1
  • e_resource_fertilizer_bag_pack_5
  • kite_flying_green
  • e_building_silo_l11
  • e_tree_fruit_orange

Harvest Hen House Cheat

  1. Open FarmVille 2 & Cheat Engine
  2. Change Type Value to Double
  3. Scan 86400
  4. Change record Value to 1
  5. Harvest Hen house multiple times to find all exotic eggs. (and thousands of normal eggs)
  6. Trade the 5 exotic eggs for Exclusive Polish Silver Laced Chickens that give the red eggs
  7. Put as many PSL chickens that you want
  8. If you scan with 14400 and change value to 1 you can harvest your water wells forever
There are a lot of cheats around this month regarding Speed Exp, Expansion Cheats.

Baby Bottle Cheat

*requires cheat engine 6.1, firefox and Zero farm bucks
  1. Open Firefox then start Farmville 2
  2. Open Cheat Engine 6.1
  3. Go to Cheat Engine search for FlashPlayerPlugin_xx_x_xxx_xxx.exe 
  4. Change VALUE TYPE ''4 Bytes'' to ''Text''
  5. On Farmville 2 Open up the shop and go to where the baby bottles are (Should be in the 'Consumables' tab)
  6. Scan for ''coins''
  7. Select all coins text 
  8. Change the value of ''coins'' into ''farm bucks''
  9. Buy all 3 packs till it say you reach 100!

How to Cheat Silo and Water Well

  1. buy the shrub round under decoration worth 25
  2. put as many as you want in farm
  3. open Cheat Engine and scan "e_deco_shrub_round"
  4. drag all the result down and change it to e_building_well_l1 for well and e_building_silo_l1 for silo
  5. now go back to farm and store all the shrub
  6. refresh and look into your inventory they are now sitting pretty over there.

Cheat Water Bar Bonus

  1. Buy hay wagon in market and place it on farm
  2. Open Cheat Engine Scan for 2250 under 4bytes
  3. Drag all the result down and change it to 1M or 2M (2000000)
  4. Now in Cheat Engine again set the value to string or text and type coins and make another scan
  5. Drag all the result down and change coins to water
  6. Go back to farm and sell your hay wagon
  7. Your now big time with water

Buy Unlimited Silo

  1. Open Fv2 full load
  2. if u don't have Buy orange Tree 1 or 2 .. and give it water
  3. Open Cheat Engine 6.2 (CE)
  4. Change value type to string
  5. type text in value to = e_tree_fruit_orange
  6. change to = e_building_silo_l11
  7. back to ur farm.( ur Game).and buy Orange Tree
  8. try to place.... if Not place... refesh game ..see what u get it

Some Proof that it did Exist

*Click to Zoom
FarmVille 2 Cheat

Atau yang ini

Cheat Unlimited Water

Bahan Cheat :
  • Cheat Engine 
Tutorial Cheat :
  1. Masukkan Farmville 2
  2. Buka Cheat Engine
  3. Scan value = "4 Byte"
  4. Kemudian Scan 1000000 dan ubah value "0"
  5. New Scan 50000 dan ubah value 2000000
  6. Sekarang membeli "Manor Harvestate" dan taruh dilahan kamu.
  7. Kembali ke Cheat Engine, ubah nilai value menjadi Text / String
  8. New Scan "coins"
  9. Dan ubah value menjadi "water"
  10. Jual Manorhavestate kamu.
  11. Tunggu sekitar 1-2menit.
  12. Dan Reload/Refresh Browser kamu.

Cheat Perluasan

Bahan Cheat :
  • Cheat Engine
Steps :
  1. Intall C.E (Cheat Engine)
  2. Open FarmVille 2 dan Cheat Engine
  3. Di C.E ubah Value Type menjadi : Text/String
  4. Kemudian scan : coins ubah value menjadi : farm buck (sebelum ganti value menjadi farm buck klik lahan yang mau dibeli dulu, untuk menghindari Error)
  5. Tinggal klik pakai cash aja . :)

Cheat Level Up

Bahan Cheat :
  • Cheat Engine (C.E)
Steps :
  1. Intall C.E (Cheat Engine)
  2. Open FarmVille 2 dan Cheat Engine
  3. Scan 397 dan ubah value menjadi 15000 (saya saranin 50000 / 100000 jangan berlebihan tar ga kuat)
  4. Pergi ke Toserba cari bangunan Gerobak Jerami Rp.45.000
  5. Saya Saranin sebelum anda mencoba tahap ke 3 di sarankan anda menuju Toserba dulu ( Menghindari Error)
  6. Beli , sampai kamu puas dengan levelnya . Tapi suka ga kuat , haha :D

Cheat Coin

Bahan Cheat :
  • Cheat Engine
Steps :
  1. Intall C.E (Cheat Engine)
  2. Open FarmVille 2 dan Cheat Engine
  3. Scan 1000000 dan ubah value menjadi 1
  4. Pergi ke Toserba cari bangunan Tanah Bangsawan HarvEstate 
  5. Beli , kemudian back ke C.E 
  6. New Scan 50000 dan ubah value menjadi 500000 (kami sarankan ga usah banyak2 tar jadi lola)
  7. Kemudian Jual Tanah Bangsawan HarvEstate, 
  8. Ulangin langkah 4 - 7 sampai coinmu banyak :D

Cheat Item Store

Bahan Cheat :
  • Cheat Engine
Tutorial Cheat:
  1. Intall C.E (Cheat Engine)
  2. Open FarmVille 2 dan Cheat Engine
  3. Di C.E ubah Value Type menjadi : Text/String
  4. Kemudian scan : coins ubah value menjadi : farm buck
  5. Pergi ke Toserba dan klik Item yang Free/Gratis sampai max .
  6. Bisa kaya neh , alias punya banyak item cash yg kita punya :D

 NB : saya saranin sebelum anda mengubah value data pada CE untuk Farmville,di sarnakan anda harus klik dulu. misalnya anda ingin memperluas lahan pertanian anda yang di haruskan adalah anda harus klik lahan yang belum anda perluas,setelah itu barulah anda mencoba menggunakan CE untuk hack lahan tersebut. Begitu juga dengan hal lainnya.


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